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Stafford Superintendent George Chidiac Discusses Positive Coping Mechanisms

Major life changes are not easy to adapt to. It’s so easy to divert from your main goals and end up making the wrong decisions that could derail all your positive efforts. Stafford Superintendent George Chidiac discusses positive coping mechanisms to deal with life-changing events.

Positive coping mechanisms are meant to help you through a life-changing event.

George Chidiac explains coping mechanisms are not a set of rules designed for people to follow but a way they can utilize to manage life-changing situations.  

They are simple habits that can impact your life in a positive way. In case you are undergoing life-changing circumstances, these tips might be of great help:

1. Meditation

Meditation promotes inner calmness and peace. Much as it might seem like an easy thing to do, it has a great impact on your life. Meditation is an excellent positive coping mechanism that each person undertaking major changes should try. 

Meditation gives you an excellent opportunity to view the challenges that you have had in your life in a positive way and identify lasting solutions to avoid getting back to those challenging times.

George Chidiac, Stafford Superintendent

At the same time, you can have a positive outlook on the future. Meditation also helps you reduce anxiety and stress. Try it and see the impact it could have on your life.

2. Get a support system

Having a great support system makes things more manageable. Life is full of ups and downs. Everyone wishes to have fun moments, but at the same time, challenges are inevitable. They are part of life, and we need to find ways to make tough times bearable.

It is at such times that you need a good support system. A person that can stick with you even in your most trying movement. 

Says George Chidiac

They may not always have the appropriate solution, but the fact that they are present and giving you moral support is by itself a positive coping mechanism. In situations where you are trying out something new, they walk with you till you accomplish your goals.

3.   Adaptation

George Chidiac says at times adaptation could be the best positive coping mechanism. Change is unavoidable but essential to our lives. To survive in a new environment, you will have to train yourself to adapt to it. One of the adaptation mechanisms could involve focusing on things that make you happy. 

In your moment of joy, you get to forget about things that could cause distress, and this helps you make the most out of each moment. 

4. Physical Activity

Engaging in exercises keeps your mind free from stress. Stressful times often have a negative impact on our self-confidence. 

Physical activity helps you drift away from the things contributing to stress. You find that it becomes easier to cope with life-changing events and get an appropriate solution. When you find a great solution to relieve stress, it helps you improve your self-confidence. 

George Chidiac stated


At times finding the humor in things will help you make the situation bearable. While going through life-changing events, be keen on instant gratification. In case things do not go as you had planned, you might end up being disappointed. To avoid such frustrations, avoid expecting instant results. All good things take perseverance and resilience.

Stafford superintendent George Chidiac states going through a life-changing event is a huge challenge, and not each person can manage, but with positive coping mechanisms, it becomes much easier and more manageable. The above tips can be useful to anyone experiencing a life-changing event. 

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