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Nursing & Medical Jobs

medical jobs

Healthcare jobs such as Registered Nurses, LPN’s, LVN’s and related Medical Technicians provide over 15 million jobs, and ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are healthcare-related. Most healthcare workers have jobs that require less than 4 years of college education, such as health technologists and technicians, medical records, billing and coding, health information technicians, surgeons, diagnostic medical sonographers, radiologic technologists and technicians, and dental hygienists. As people age, they have more medical problems, and hospitals will require more staff. Wages vary by the employer and area of the county. Aside from their salary, most medical jobs include excellent benefits, as well as retirement plans.

Each link below lists current openings:Starting Salary
(up to)
10 Year Salary
(up to)
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers$41,090$58,520
Emt, Paramedic Jobs$39,390$65,280
Fitness Trainers$31,710$46,750
Home Health Aides$33,100$57,030
Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)$44,480$66,780
Massage Therapist Jobs$33,000$52,670
Medical Assistants$28,980$37,140
Medical Lab Technicians$30,550$49,260
Mental Health$34,550$48,370
Occupational Therapists$66,010$87,330
Physical Therapist Assistants$41,410$56,220
Physical Therapists$65,050$94,810
Physician Assistants$41,270$57,230
Public Health$52,250$72,250
Radiation Therapists$47,580$62,110
Radiologic Technicians$52,110$71,160
Registered Nurses (RN)$59,730$83,440
Respiratory Therapy Technicians$39,860$56,220
Skin Care Specialists$25,300$48,510
Surgical Technologists$45,680$67,630

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