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Joe Keith Explains Popular Acting Techniques

Joe Keith, St. Paul, Minnesota

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Joe is the business development manager at SJ Computers. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Joe is an accomplished software designer and theater actor. 

While many people are looking to master the art of acting, only a few succeed. This is because mastering theater requires a great deal of commitment, willingness to push oneself outside the comfort zone, and an openness to explore different acting techniques to deliver the best performance.

In this article, Joe Keith, an accomplished theater actor from St. Paul, MN, shares some of the popular acting techniques that helped him.

It is a thrill beyond comparison to watching an actor embody the spirit and personality of a character while on stage or screen.

The actor, while on the journey to discover how to deliver outstanding performance learns and employs some of the great and popular acting techniques.

According to Joe Keith, one crucial technique every actor must learn about is the Stanislavski Technique.

It is regarded as critical to an actor’s journey because many of the other acting techniques were developed from it.

The Stanislavski Technique

“The idea of the Stanislavski’s technique is that every time an actor comes on stage, he must try to feel the emotions that the character is experiencing. To truly think, act, and behave as the character would.

Trying to dig into details of the way a character would act in certain situations, and trying to see true psychological reasons for the character’s action pushes you to embody life on stage.” Stated Joe Keith.

The Stanislavski Technique also requires that you use your emotional memory when approaching the work.  While trying to bring a character to life, you are required to recall memories and past experiences and bring them into that given scene.

The question you should continually ask yourself is, “what would I do if this was really happening to me?”

The Meisner Technique

Another popular acting technique is the Meisner Technique. It is an offshoot of the Stanislavski method that is based upon the concept of truthful acting.

It’s about the actor getting out of his own head, to stop intellectualizing while on stage, and responding to pure instincts – to get him to be in the moment.

“The Meisner Technique is a great way for you to forget that you are performing and really become the character. To effectively get out of your own head,” says Joe Keith.

“It requires tremendous discipline and repetition that basically lets you focus on the other actors instead of your own thoughts. Sam Rockwell has become one of my favorite actors who has mastered the Meisner Technique. Sam has some of the best improvisations I’ve seen.” Joe Stated.

Lee Strasberg Method

Method Acting, also known as the Lee Strasberg Method, is the Stanislavski method developed further.

In this method, actors are encouraged to intensify their connections to the work by mimicking the reactions, emotions, and experiences of their characters within the context of their real lives.

This would help one to achieve a greater and intense understanding of his character and a richer connection to the emotional states of that character.

“I learned these techniques experientially as I advanced in the field of theater. I didn’t limit myself to one technique as I tried to understand the creative minefield that I had stepped into,” says Joe Keith.

“While there are other acting techniques you can learn about, I found these most challenging and helpful,” he added.

Understand that no one method works for everyone; however, it is up to you to choose from the wide variety of options available, a technique(s) you would commit to as the foundation of your craft, or as the variety you wish to add to your repertoire.

“Acting is quite personal. For new and inspiring actors, I recommend that you challenge yourself and learn these techniques and find one that makes you feel open and comfortable in front of an audience. These methods are simply tools you can refer to whenever you need help finding and embodying the spirit and personality of a character,” Joe Keith states.


There are many popular acting techniques that are effective if you commit to learning. Each technique is not without challenges, however, it can help you develop a long and successful career in the industry. Joe Keith shares his insight on the acting techniques that can be utilized as a theatre actor.

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