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Jonas Tellis | Birmingham | AAMU

Jonas Tellis Birmingham

Jonas Tellis of AAMU is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He is the CEO of Tellis Educational Services and serves on its board of directors.

His passion for education has manifested into helping Birmingham adults get a second chance at their High School Diploma.

Before starting his business, Jonas Tellis has spent years as the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University.

He is responsible for all recruitment and marketing events for the graduate department. Jonas Tellis also assists with the retention of graduate students at AAMU and has an 85% success rate of returning students.

Dr. Tellis plays a role in the continued development of strategies to target graduate students, build relationships with partner institutions, and ensure flexibility in response to a demanding increase in enrollment.

Dr. Jonas Tellis received all his degrees from Historical Black colleges and Universities. He graduated with his Associate in Science and Bachelor in Science degree in Education from Rust College in Holly Spring, Mississippi, His Master’s in Family Consumer Sciences from Alabama A&M University in 2013.

Dr. Tellis received his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Thee Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi.

To learn more about Jonas Tellis please with his official website or connect with his on social media.

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