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5 Steps to get your yard ready for Summertime

summertime landscaping

Summer is best spent with your loved ones. Colorado Springs homeowners know that winters can be tough on lawns. Getting your landscaping ready for summer should be a priority if you are going to have company over. Use this checklist to ensure that your yard doesn’t distract from your summer fun!

  1. Cleanup
  • Take out any deadheading or pruning debris.
  • You should ensure that there is enough airflow through your plants. If necessary, thin them.
  • Get rid of any weeds in your landscape.
  1.  Examine your soil

Preparing for the summer means preparing your soil for the long growing season. It’s a smart idea to add compost to your soil before it gets too hot or muggy.

Check for dry and compacted soils as they are prevalent this year. Compaction can cause serious health and root problems that could ultimately lead to the death of your trees. Properly watering your tree is the first step to combating compaction. To allow oxygen and organic matter into your soil, you’ll need to water it if it is already dense.

  1. Take a look at your plants

You should take the time to inspect your shrubs and trees for signs of disease and insect damage. If you catch any pests early, it’s usually easier and more effective to remove them. Better yet, prevent them from ever attacking.

  1. Look out for nuisances

English ivy and poison ivy are serious problems for properties in the summer. They can cause rashes and pose a threat to your trees. Vines that grow on or around your trees can compete for nutrients, choke your tree’s roots and even strangle them.

  1. Be aware of Safety Risks

Summer thunderstorms can cause severe damage to trees, especially if they haven’t been properly trimmed or inspected recently. You can prevent injury to people or structures nearby by looking for the following signs:

  • broken and/or hanging branches
  • Cracks in the trunk, or the place where the branch attaches to the tree trunk
  • Holes or rotted areas around the base or tree trunk

Colorado Springs Landscaping expert Rick Vermillion and his team are available to answer any questions you may have about your trees or provide professional tree care services for your landscape. Contact Colorado’s most trusted source of lawn care. 

Listen to the Rick Vermillion podcast about landscaping.

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