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Winter Styles and Top Christmas Pick by Pereless Sunglasses

winter styles by pereless sunglasses

When thinking of getting sunglasses, most people think of sunny days on the beach sipping a cold cocktail without a care in the world. You may believe you don’t have to worry about the sun in the winter because of the temperature. In this article, Typachive will be discussing the top winter styles by Pereless Sunglasses.

You should know that winter offers us special lighting conditions that have not been encountered in the summer. This involves bright sunshine on sunny days combined with heavy white snow to produce extreme glare from both the sky and the ground.

The winter can often feel dull. With cloudy and cold weather, sunlight is often the last thing on your mind. The fact is, the snow will reflect 85-90% of the sun’s UV rays. Your eyes are under massive attack from the dangerous rays of the sun when you’re out.

This is partly because of the orientation of the sun. The sun’s rays are also stronger due to the reduced amount of atmosphere and the intense reflection of the contrasting white snow.

To counteract this, it is important always to wear your sunglasses during the winter days, not just to regulate the glare and light but also to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.

In fact, during our research, we discovered that 83% of U.S men use sunglasses. Likewise, Statista research made it knows that 88.7% of ladies out of 100% own and wear sunglasses. This shows sunglasses are a must to have item for all seasons.

Yes, the UV rays are still very present during the winter.  That’s why we’ve assembled this list of our favorite winter sunglasses that can also function during Christmas.

The sunglasses listed below can be the perfect picks for spouses or friends. Be sure to check out our detailed guide and visit our website to understand what you’re looking for in a quality pair of sunglasses for the winter and other seasons.

Winter Styles by Pereless


Rachel sunglasses by pereless.io
Rachel by Pereless.io

Our first choice on this list is the Rachel sunglasses. If you want the combination of style and sun protection, then the Rachel sunglasses are what you’ve been looking for. The hexagon frame and colored lenses are on point, thus giving it the perfect modern style. Likewise, the black colored lens makes it a perfect fit for the winter. In fact, these frames were built with elegance; hence it can be used on different clothes regardless of the color or look.

The lenses are made of metal to give balanced support. They have UV400 protection. Also, it is fitted with a plastic bridge that also serves as a support. In all, getting this sunglass is making the right choice to protect your vision. It is worth mentioning that this sunglass is made especially for women. Therefore, they make a perfect Christmas gift for a female friend. 


scott by pereless.io
Scott by Pereless.io

If you’re new to designer sunglasses and want something brilliant to wear during winter, then Scott Sunglasses is the right pick.  It not only looks fantastic but also is made from quality material that makes it stand through harsh weather.

The combination of plastic and metal for the frame makes it really perfect without it sinking or brushing against your skin, resulting in injury. Likewise, the lenses are anti-reflective and polarized for ultimate glare protection.

Its lightweight structure makes it a convenient option every time without having any heavy feel. For men, this style is our top winter pick by Pereless Sunglasses.

Top Christmas Pick


tavon by Pereless sunglasses
Tavon by Pereless.io

If you want an affordable sunglass yet perfect for the Christmas season, the Tavon Sunglasses is all you need. A blue lens prevents bright light conditions and reduces high glare, making it ideal to use in different terrain.

Not only that, the light color lenses by Pereless make them ideal for evening walks. It is also fitted with nose pads that serve as a support, adding excellent staying power for running.

Also, it is UV400, thus protecting your eyes from rays. Whether it’s snow, water, or any other high glare environment, the well-protected lens will block nearly all harmful UV rays.

The unisex style makes them a perfect Christmas gift for a friend or loved one. Be assured that you are making the right choice by getting this sunglass. 

Final Thoughts

Pereless Sunglasses provide a variety of styles depending on your and season. It can add a personalized feel to your wardrobe and shield your eyes from the sun. 

If you care about your eyes and would want maximum protection for it all through your walk outside. Then trust me, getting any of the Pereless sunglasses would give you complete satisfaction. In fact, these sunglasses can be presented to loved ones alongside stocking stuffers to serve as Christmas gifts. 

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