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Learn how to get started in a sports market career

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Passion, perseverance, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make your passion a career are the keys to turning your passion into a lucrative business. With the right strategy, you can make a career out of sports marketing. You can make a living as a sports marketer if you are a skilled communicator and have the determination to succeed in this field.

How to start a career in sports marketing

1. Explore Your Options

There are many jobs available in sports marketing. Take into consideration the options to help you choose the right path. There are many positions in sports marketing.

  • Public Relations Specialist, Athletic Manager
  • Sports Athletic Director, Account Manager
  • Sports agent, Vice President of Business Development, and many more!

You can modify your strategy as you go along once you have decided on a path.

2. Get the right education

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to be able to work in sports marketing. Marketing and journalism are the areas that will make you most competitive. Other related degrees can also open doors:

  • Business Administration is a way to improve your business skills.
  • Sports Management: Marketing and other opportunities in sport
  • If you are interested in sports medicine, then Kinesiology is for you.
  • It is a great idea to be able to attend a college that offers a program in sports marketing.

No matter what major you choose, be sure to take courses in sales, economics, and business. These courses are crucial to your effectiveness.


3. Develop your sports marketing skills

For a successful career in sports marketing, you must have a passion for sports and great communication skills. To truly excel in this field, you will need to have many other skills. Project management skills are essential to keep your team on the same page and complete projects on time. They will also impress bosses, coworkers, and business partners.

Campaign management skills are also required. Your success will be based on your ability to mobilize all resources to reach your audience quickly, effectively, and in a dynamic way.

(Plan.Build.Execute.) Vision and strategic planning are two other areas you should strengthen. These skills will improve with time and experience, but being able to connect audiences to brand identity (and how to deliver it) will make your career more appealing to potential employers.

4. Get started applying!

Opportunities await the sports marketing professional who is eager to learn. There are many employers that could offer you the chance to work, whether you’re applying for public relations, event sales, or promotions positions.

  • College sports teams
  • Teams from the NFL, NBA, and NHL
  • Sport venues
  • Soccer teams and clubs
  • Tennis organizations, associations, and teams
  • Plus!

America’s most current sports job board, Jobs In Sports, is here. Register today to get unlimited access and find the ideal sports management job!

5. Take advantage of Internships

You may not get the perfect job every time you apply. Internships in Sports Marketing can provide valuable experience to help you get started. This internship will look great on your resume, and it will help you stand out among thousands of others who are interested in starting a career in the sports industry.

Another benefit of an internship is:

  • This gives you the chance to explore your career path
  • Potentially eligible for financial compensation
  • There are many networking opportunities in the industry
  • Learn directly from professionals to improve your skills.
  • This allows you to easily transition into your career.

Sports marketing can be exciting and fast-paced. It allows sports fans of all kinds to be part of a team doing something that they enjoy.

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