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Who is responsible for sewer line repair in Florida?

what part of the sewer the home owner is responsible for

When your sewer line is broken or clogged, it can cause many problems. Your water won’t flush, your toilets can overflow, and you could be dealing with flooding on your property. When this unfortunate event happens to you, I am sure you will be wondering who is responsible. You or the township? Let’s discuss who is responsible for sewer line repair. 

What is the homeowner responsible for?

The homeowner is responsible in Florida for any that cross your property. The city has responsibility for the swerve lines that run from the main underground sewer pipe to your property. This is the main sewer pipe.

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What is a mainline?

Your main line is simply your sewer line. It’s The line that runs from your home to the city connection or to your septic tank. All of your drains should be emptied into the mainline before you leave your home.

Find out what your town’s Public Works department covers and what you should be covering. You can find out exactly where your sewer lines are located, and what responsibility you have for maintaining them. The city or property owner will be responsible depending on the location of the break or leak. It can vary from one place to another, but it is generally the homeowner who is responsible.

Structure of the Sewer Lines: Is the City Responsible?

There are two levels to the sewer system: Upper and Lower Laterals.

Upper Lateral Sewer Line

The sewer line runs from your home to the property line. It then connects to the lower line. This area is usually the responsibility of the property owner.

Lower Lateral Sewer Line

It connects with the upper lateral and begins at your property line, and ends where it connects with the main sewer line of the city. This area is usually managed by the property owner.

Main Sewer Line

The city is responsible in most cases for the lower lateral line, which connects to the city’s sewer line. Fatbergs are also responsible for blocking the city’s sanitary system.

Look at the photo at top of this page. The sewer line below is what you can see. The walkway’s end is marked in white. Any damage to that property is the homeowner’s responsibility. 

The city owns the grey sidewalk.

What is main sewer line made of?

Your home’s age will determine the type of sewer pipe material you use. Older houses may have cast iron or clay pipes. Newer homes will most likely use plastic. As older sewer lines are being replaced, it is becoming more common for older homes to have plastic sewer lines.

Signs of sewer problems and backups

Each home has a sewer line. Underground, this line carries waste from your home to the municipal system. Maintenance is important, just like with everything else.

1. There could be a backup if the toilet drains are slow or your bathroom’s sinks don’t flush the water.

2. A sewer backup or issue can lead to foul odors or water puddles.

3. It is possible that a clog in the pipe or crack in it is not a problem.

Pipes may burst or crack underground and can show the same symptoms as above. It is a good idea to call a professional in order to diagnose the problem. Search for a plumber near me to find the best option. 

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Who to call to repair a sewer line?

There are several companies to call when you receive a damaged sewer line. If it falls under the city or township, they should be your first call. However, many sewer line issues fall under the responsibility of the homeowners. We recommend Sunrise Plumber and Water Filtration for their fast response and experienced staff. They have over 10 years of experience and the parts on hand to get the job done quickly.

Now that you know who is responsible for sewer line repair, call Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration for Sewer Line Repairs in North Port, FL.

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