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Aditya Kapre Outlines User Experience (UX) Design

aditya kapre shrewsbury ma UX Design

User experience design (UX) design focuses on developing a product that gives the user a wholesome experience. It concentrates on the entire product development process, from design to branding and, in some instances, marketing. Some people use User Interface Design (UI) and usability to refer to UX design, but they aren’t the same. The usability of a product and the design of its user interface are all part of User Experience Design. This means that UX design is broader than these other forms of design. Aditya Kapre of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts outlines UX Design.

How UX Design Works

“A UX design team looks at a product in its entirety and breaks it down. One product is usually a combination of many different parts. The best way to give customers an enjoyable product experience is to ensure that each element is built to the highest standard and that components work together flawlessly.” Aditya Kapre explains.

The following are some of the specific matters UX designers focus on:

i.               Product Acquisition

A user has to acquire a product before they can enjoy whatever benefits it offers. Therefore, the design team has come up with ways of ensuring the user gets the product quickly and in a fun way. This is one of the last steps for the development team, but it will determine whether the buyer acquires the product.

ii.             The pleasure of Using the Product

Once a customer has bought a product, they need to have a good user experience when using it. The user experience is necessary due to the competitive nature of the field in which you are operating. “An efficient product also gives the user a pleasurable experience, so UX designers focus on efficiency too. They are, therefore, the people who ensure that even minor inconveniences in product use are eliminated. Having a good time when using the product is essential for giving the user value for money.” Aditya Kapre added.

iii.             Troubleshooting

A gadget may, from time to time, have an issue that requires to be handled. No one wants a device they have to take to a technician every time a small problem arises; it is inconvenient and often costly. A great experience includes the user’s ability to get rid of glitches when they are using it. Designers, therefore, need to make it possible for gadget users to troubleshoot the product when necessary.

The UX Design Process

For a design to be effective, the software designer needs to understand the motivations, values, and views behind buying a product. This is the ‘why’ of the product. UX designers must carefully consider why users want the product to meet the need. They also need to understand the ‘what’ of the product. This is where the UX design team considers the functionalities that would fulfill the user’s why. The final design aspect has to do with how these features will be made available to the user. It has to do with the accessibility of product features and the appearance of the product. 

About Aditya Kapre

Based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Aditya Kapre is a software engineer with over 6 years of experience. Aditya plays a major role in improving recommendations and personalization API using AWS. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped prominent companies improve; using the software he develops that is scalable and has good performance footprints along with security.

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