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OnMyWay app: A Good Reward for Safe Driving

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We all know that we should put our phones aside while driving. Yet, some of us cannot resist the urge to take a peek at our phones at the stop sign while on the roads. Do you know of apps that pay you to drive? Did you know that you get paid for keeping your phone locked and not touching it while driving on the road?

Yes, you can and that’s the concept behind OnMyWay. All you need to do is to download the app onto your mobile phone, glue your eyes to the road like you normally would, and voila! You can start earning money. In this article, we take you through an unbiased and genuine OnMyWay app review. Let us get started. 

This idea of paying a customer every time they drive a certain number of miles without touching their phone has attracted more than 1 million consumers who downloaded the app onto their mobiles. OnMyWay also ranked #1 in the lifestyle category of iOS apps for several days. The application detects when users are driving by keeping a track of their location data. Then, it seems that the user receives an app payout when driving with their phone down. 

Although users may not earn huge amounts, the money could be an incentive for them to drive safely and also earn a couple of bucks while on their regular commute every day. In return, the application will display deals that are usually lucrative discounts on a range of items from sunglasses to protein bars among other products on Amazon.

Users can go through the list and pick the products of their choice to spend the money earned through app payouts. As is obvious, the user rewards are funded by the advertisers and sponsors who pay OnMyWay to place their deals on the application. The same idea has also been implemented by other apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Swagbucks disburse a few bucks for every time a user responds by filling out a survey.

How Does OnMyWay Work?

To get started, users sign up on the app and provide their email address, phone number, address of residence, date of birth. Additionally, they also need to scan and upload their driver’s license to complete the verification process. Once this is done, they have to allow OnMyWay to access their location to help the app track them when driving. Additionally, they also have to give the app access to their SMS messages in order to help the app reply to any incoming texts with a standard ‘I am driving’ message.

The app’s co-founder Chloe Palmer has assured the users of their security and that the data is stored in an encrypted format on their servers. She claimed that the application does not store any trip/location data of their consumers. She also added that the data would be deleted in less than 5 minutes after the user has stopped driving.

Once the users start driving, the app shows the money they earned through app payouts. They can then start using the same to make purchases. Simply put, the user exchanges the number of miles, the corresponding referral coupon code, and the cash earned on OnMyWay for actual money. $10 of the virtual cash they earn on the app is equivalent to a MasterCard gift card worth $10. Similarly, $50 earns them a $50 Walmart gift card.

OnMyWay app review
OnMyWay app offers.

Later, the consumers can transfer this cash into their Venmo or Paypal Accounts to pay for the deals available on the app. They can easily shop for their favorite products by going through the many deals that are available every day. However, it does help if you are active here. Who does not want to cash in such amazing deals before they are sold out? If you are an active user, it would be best to keep an eye out for sweet deals that you can get with just a click.

Palmer has revealed that the company does not have a pyramid scheme of payments. In simpler words, users do not pay into the system to support those who invited them and enter the system. She addressed and dismissed popular misconceptions about the app having a stacking effect on its users. This implies that the users will only be rewarded for the recruits they invite, but not for the recruits those users invite. The benefits are only limited to one level of the reward system.

She has also stated that the number of deals would only keep growing and promised to reinstate lower-tier deals in the weeks to come. The application has been growing at a steady pace and has garnered huge popularity within a short period. While the number of deals will be increased, it is still ideal to grab them as quickly as possible and cash them in before they run out. Currently, most deals are understandably sold out within hours!

Prior to being marked sold out, the app has revealed that each time they rolled out a new batch of several lower-tier deals, they were used by as many as 1000 people. Keeping the monetary benefits aside, the efforts of team OnMyWay are applaudable. Their efforts to make sure people are alert while driving is noble.

Summing up

OnMyWay has generated a great deal of user and advertiser interest. The number of people downloading and signing up on the app has only been increasing. At such a time, an enhanced advertiser interest will help the company generate enough income to help with app payouts. Such a scenario would be a win-win for everybody!

While using and earning bucks through OnMyWay is great, we also like to remind users that distracted driving can be harmful to them and the people who accompany them. Everybody needs to remember that it is extremely important to put their mobile phone aside and prioritize safe driving even while not using apps that pay you to drive

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