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How to Get Rewards For Ad Spend From Your Business Credit Card?


Businesses end up allocating a good portion of their budget for ad spend. That’s just the way it is. No matter how beneficial it has become to go viral on social media with your company’s product, the easiest way to reach a large audience would always be through advertisements. Fortunately, unlike payroll, where cash has to be doled out, it is possible to pay for advertising with a credit card. Additionally, you can even get rewards for it.

You just need to avail yourself of ad cards from places like Kaped. If you get something like the Flex Adcard, it will allow you to only pay for ads. This way, you won’t accidentally misuse the credit card either.

What Are The Rewards?

Depending on the business credit card, the reward structure can change a lot. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cash Back

In the case of Flex Adcard, reward comes in the form of cashback. Depending on whatever amount you pay for an ad, you can get 3 percent cashback. There’s no question asked, no explanation that has to be given. As long as you are paying for an ad, you will get some percentage of the money back.

Gift cards

Some reward systems allow you to use your credit points to get a gift card in return. These credit companies usually have one or several retailers in partnership with them. So, the choices can be a bit limited in terms of what you can get.

Travelling Facilities

Your credit card company might allow you to book a hotel room, flight, or rental card for free on purchasing an ad. Credit cards like this usually need you to pay a scary amount for ads for the reward options to be available.

How to Know If A Business Credit Card Is The Right One For Ad Spend?

Once you are researching a business credit card that will fit your business best, we recommend considering these particular features. Especially for small businesses, it would be a good idea to find credit cards that will reward you the way you deserve.

Annual Fee And Setup Fee

Some credit card companies charge both annual fees and setup fees, while some only charge yearly fees. If the reward program is especially beneficial for the business, the credit card company will likely be satisfied with charging an annual fee. 

This is actually very good. Just calculate how much you are likely to spend on ads, what your reward would be for that annually and what the credit card company is charging you for it. If the reward outweighs the annual fee, then you have your answer. If the annual fee of the card is high, you want to spend as much as possible on ads so that a balance is maintained.

We would recommend staying away from the ones that ask for a setup fee too. You don’t know how the entire ad spending would work out for you. Paying a setup for it from the start seems foolish.

Annual Limit

Some cards come with an annual limit. Like you would only get a reward up to a certain amount. Check what the limit and your advertising budget at the end of the year are likely to be. If your advertising budget on year-end is more than the reward limit, you would want to turn to another credit card company.

Reward Type

Of course, you have to consider the reward type. Gift card or merchandise type rewards are only advantageous if the retailers the credit card company is in touch with are something you like. If your reward is flight tickets or an annual company retreat, that is undoubtedly an exciting reward. However, it also means you will have to spend an excessive amount. So, if your advertising budget is not exceedingly high, this kind of reward scheme would not benefit you.

Cashback reward is the best kind of reward one can opt for. Regardless of the advertising budget level, getting a percentage back is always good. That flight ticket you wanted as a reward? You can get that from the cashback you earned from the ad card.

Credit Check

Some credit card companies do a complicated credit check before they allow you to use their business card. If you want to spend on ads as soon as possible, foregoing the long process might be best. Instead, focus on companies that don’t feel the need to do a credit check and think your bank balance is enough proof.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is possible to use more than one business credit card. Maybe you can buy one credit card for advertisement while the other helps you cover travel and office rent. There’s no shortage when it comes to credit cards; you just need to determine which one’s right for your business.

Of course, we are partial towards Flex Adcard from Kaped. The reward system is cash-based, and the credit card can only be used to pay for ads. Even for the annual limit, your bank balance at the end of the year and the amount you spend on ads depend. Basically, the credit card is based all around the advertisement. You won’t be able to use the card the wrong way because it is meant for advertisement and that’s where you are supposed to spend your budget on.

The card itself comes with actual diamonds engraved in it. No setup fee is required though there is a low annual fee of $551. Annually, the percentage rate is at 5.00%. To get approval for the card, it takes 30 minutes at most. They simply check your bank balance, and no credit check is conducted by them, not even a small one. They won’t report your personal credit to the bureau either. If you want an easy acquired, easy used, high reward credit card, Flex Adcard for ad spend is the right fit. 

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